Soul Talks With Phil Presents Inner Healing, The Pathway to Freedom

Hello, guys, welcome to my Blog. Good to have you guys again as always, we are going to be starting a brand new series this time around. And before we get to start, I want to say thank you for always being there. Thank you for always watching, thank you for always commenting, and thank you for always causing me to do these videos. I literally come alive when I do these. And I’m glad that I have you all the way.

My Inspiration

So this whole new series was inspired by a new blog I started and I call it soul talks. And we are going to be looking at issues of the soul. You will accept with me that we get to face diverse issues which need help and healing. Inner healing is key is this era in which we find ourselves in. I’m going to be releasing videos on a weekly basis, which will reach down deep into your soul and reach out to bring solace to those places that are broken and bring healing and bring joy and bring rejoice in and bring freedom for everywhere you felt that you were in pain so I want you to stick with me.

I want you to share these videos, and I want you to talk about it because trust me guys is going to be really, really exciting. As often as I can, I’m always going to do a video and I’m going to drop it here. So that together we can share in the joy of living a life free of hurt. It’s a life free of bondage and a life free of depression. And I will not in this video without dropping this piece on you. I want you to know that you are unique and you are special all around the world.

There is no one looking or designed like you, you are the only version of your kind and you are the lone species of your kind that exists. So I want to encourage you that in whatever situation or in whatever place that you find yourself that you should rejoice and you should be grateful because you are a hero. If you have come this far in life, maybe you 30 years old right now maybe you’re 40 years old right now, maybe you’re even 50 years old right now, maybe you’re 100 years old right now. But if you have come this far, I want you to be proud of yourself,

What do I expect from you?

I want you to know that you have done something good. And the fact that you did not give up means that there is joy for the future. So thank you for watching this video. I even don’t want this post to be too long. Rush down to the comments and tell me what your expectations are. Let me know how much you’re anticipating this series and this new step that we are going into father so thank you for watching and I love you so much. You can always come back to watch it here or on youtube.

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