An Apology Letter to you!

After three solid months of not writing, I am here once again. I am so sorry for not providing you guys with content for all these months now. A lot has been happening to me. Some of which I could handle and some of which I couldn’t. Some have been good news which made me smile but some have been so painful that kept me for weeks in pain.

I have been learning and growing and I can say I am back to start producing content. I couldn’t just jump in to start putting out articles as nothing happened. I had to make this apology and sent a word of thanks to those who wrote to me to find out what was happening. I must really say I am grateful and feel encouraged knowing that you are there.

 I don’t want to make excuses. There is a quote that says that when you find an excuse, don’t pick it up. I will be honest with you that when I was planning the idea of this channel and the content production strategy, I forgot to make some very important considerations.

I forgot to consider the fact that I live in Buea, the capital city of the south-west region in Cameroon, West Africa. I forgot the fact this end of the country usually has heavy rainfalls which last sometimes for weeks without ceasing. This is not favourable to my video production schedule because I don’t have efficient gadgets like powerful lights, a microphone or an indoor studio. I always shoot videos outside my room or at the municipal monument which has a beautiful garden and with the heavy rains it was very difficult to produce the video.

Secondly, I use my phone to record the audio when I shoot videos. This is because I want it to be clear and sound better when you listen to the videos. I am sorry to say this but for more than two weeks now my phone has been bad. I have successfully repaired it and it is ready for use now. As I said, I don’t want to make excuses but I just want you to know why I haven’t been able to produce any video for all this while. Please forgive me and I will do all I can to not break the commitment we share this time.

There are also some three new developments I will be making to the channel I want you to be aware of before I commence with them. I hope that you were very supportive as always, will receive it with an open heart and mind.

The first update is that I will not appear to be perfect or blameless any more. Honestly speaking when I started making these videos, I wanted to be perfect. I wanted to ignore the fact that I am just starting out on YouTube and try to make things like the pro you tubers I watch. That put a lot of pressure on me because even during the production of videos I will try to speak and act like I don’t fear the camera. The truth is that I have a huge fear of the camera and I hope to be better by the day. I want to make it clear that I am not saying this because I want to embrace the fact that I will put out trash for you. Like you know I can’t do that. I just want you to bear with the fact that I am a beginner who is trying to grow up. I am learning as I keep doing this.

I am also saying this because I want you to know that I am not yet perfect or a master in the things I do on this channel. I am just someone who is trying to make a difference by contributing positively to society. I can’t deny the fact that I know some things which you might not know of. Yes, there are many such things I think I know which will be of help to you that is why I want you to bear with me. The reason I am doing this is that I want to use this medium to share my knowledge and experiences with others so that together we can live our best lives now.

The second thing I want to let you know will be an update to the channel is that I will make and upload videos three times a week. That is on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. To get them delivered to you, you can do that by subscribing to the channel or joining my newsletter. (Links in the description below)

On Monday the videos you are sure to have will be an inspirational video or teaching video which will inspire you to start your week. It will be tailored to give you an extra amount of energy you need to make the most out of life. It will go a long way to reveal new concepts and tips you can use to achieve more in life.

On Thursday we will be having a video that answers a particular question. These question will either question people ask me Philemon as an individual or from Facebook or the one I get from a question and answer sites like quora. Do you have any question you will like me to answer? If yes then either leave it in the comments section of this video or you reply to my email or you message me on my Facebook page. All links will be in the description below. Please note that I will only answer questions that will go a long way to help you and others and I will not answer any question that will not be in my scope as a life coach or personal development trainer. To that effect, all question must be in the lifestyle or personal development domain.

On Saturday we will be having a book review, a movie review or a product review. Generally, it will be the review of something I use that helped me a great deal. If I read a book that taught me a lot, I will share the knowledge I got with you by reviewing the book. If I watched a movie that entertained me or taught me many lessons, I will share the knowledge with you by reviewing the movie. If I used a product, be it digital or manual and it offered me much value, I will share how it helped me with you so that you too can get yours. Also, you can always recommend books or movies you want me to do a review of. You can do so by leaving a comment here, replying to my email or posting it on my Facebook page. I will watch the movie or read the book and share what I learnt with you in a video.

A little disclaimer here is that some of these products I will recommend here will earn me a small commission if you get yours. I promise to tell you which product will earn me a small commission when I am doing the review.

The last update I want to let you guys know of is that I will be doing this stuff I am doing now full time. I have decided that for the next many years of my life, I consistently create content here on YouTube, on medium and on my blog. I will also be writing books which I will sell on amazon and making video courses on different topics which I will sell on udemy and selling my services on Fiverr as a freelancer. As a creative, I have learnt from the experiences of others that I can make a living selling what I create. This might be either by direct sales or by support from others. In case you don’t know anything about me, let me talk a little about me here.

I am Nji Philemon Ngang, an African living in Cameroon West Africa. I am second in a family of four with both parents still alive. I am a university graduate with a degree in physics. I honestly didn’t feel fulfilled reading physics in the university as such it was hell for me to complete my degree. Finally, I took six years to get a degree which will normally take three years to get. Those six years of my life was a combination of good experiences and painful experiences. The good news is that those experiences coupled with other circumstances lead me to a place of self-discovery. Where I finally knew what my life is made of and how I could contribute to humanity. I discovered the reason why God created me and put me in this part of the world. I learnt through that process that life is really too short to use some of the time grumblings and doing what you don’t like because you can die any day. That is why I finally decided after a long time of trying part-time and doing other things which yielded no fruit that I do this which I am doing now full time. I am in the process of securing a work station, getting a small camera stand, getting good lights and also a good microphone. I already have a laptop and a phone which for now I will be using to create videos like this one.

If you have read this article to this point or watched this video to this point then this is where you come in. I wish to have one thousand subscribers on this channel by the end of the year so that I can sign up for Google AdSense. When I sign up for Google AdSense, I will be able to make some money from the videos I make by google displaying adverts on them. Getting one thousand subs looks like an impossible task right now because I don’t have up to even one hundred subs yet but I believe with your support I can hit it. All it takes is for you to share the link with your friends or a friend you think will like the kind of content I create so that they can subscribe. If I get one thousand of such people then I will be good to go and I can start making money with my channel. Also, I have created a patron page. You can become a patron to my work by contributing or supporting me with as low as 1 dollar (500fcfa) every month. This will go a long way to help me get better equipment’s and as well cover some little bills like internet bills which are required for me to keep producing content.

This is the kind of videos I will be doing for the next couple of months. Just my voice and writings on the screen spelling out that which my voice is saying. It looks difficult now but I believe I have a voice which goes a long way to express the feelings that are in my heart. My wish is that your heart connects to my heart as we continue this journey together. I have decided to not compare myself with others, I have decided to not make excuses anymore and I have decided to maximize the little resources that I have. Until then, while counting on your support to fulfilling my dream, see you on Thursday for the very first book review I will be doing.

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