33 Amazing Qualities of Authentic People

Authentic people

Introduction; who is an authentic person?

Our world is becoming digital and giving room for many fake people. Some people lie on the internet about themselves and in real life they are not what they claim they are online. We have come to discover that in any relationship we get involved in, being authentic is highly valued trait. We don’t want to get involved with people who we don’t know if they are Authentic people or not authentic. I have even discovered that we sometimes have fewer relationships because we are doing all we can to have a circle of authentic and real friends.

Right now, I know you may be wondering who is an authentic person. An authentic person is someone who live a very honest life. They don’t fake their personality and they as well don’t try to be another person. They have one personality that they display irrespective of where they find themselves. Authenticity is also a trait that is characterized by absolute truthfulness. Authentic people always express their own belief where ever they are, standing on the truth and the truth only. Even if people don’t listen to them, they still tell the truth.

By that definition above, you can bear with me that authentic people are not easy to find. Some people even believe that there are just a few honest people around. We see that the world seems full of people ready to exploit others’ weakness. I have come to discover that one of the reasons why most of us seek only for authentic people in our lives is that we feel safe and comfortable with them. We are very sure that an honest person will not hurt us. Mistimes we unconsciously believe that authentic people will not let us down.

Authentic people are always very committed and passionate about what they do or get involved with. Their words are a mirror reflection of the nature of their thoughts and feelings. This may bring this question to your mind. You may be asking yourself that how exactly does authentic people behave? What even makes an authentic person different from the rest of us? Humanistic theorists such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow suggest that authentic people are psychologically mature and fully functioning individuals. They have amazing qualities that most people love. Let’s dive in to look at the characteristics of authentic people

Qualities of Authentic People

  1. They are Realistic in their perceptions

Are you wondering? If you or someone around is an authentic person? If yes, then start by looking at the way you look at things. Are you realistic in your ways and your view of life? If you are the kind that calls the color red a red and the color black a black, then you are most likely an authentic person. There is a high tendency that such people are not loved by many due to their absolute honesty but I must say that that’s what make you authentic, keep up and don’t try to be someone else. They may be calling you all sorts of names now but I assure you that its just a matter of time and they will see that you were actually doing yourself and others good.

2. They Unconditionally accept themselves and others

This is a good way to know if someone is authentic or not. Authentic people accept others and themselves unconditionally. They accept you for who you are and what you are. They look at you in your present state and believe in you. Authentic people can do this freely because they often have a huge sense of love for themselves and others. Do you find yourself loving pothers freely, accepting them for who they are irrespective of the contribution they make to our life? If you are such a person then you are an authentic person. If you have a friend or brother who does that then know that they have an authentic personality.

3. They Have a huge sense of humor

A huge sense of humor is common with authentic people. Considering the fact that they don’t rush about life, they have a huge sense of humor. They are fun to be with because their sense of humor is very contaminative. If you are wondering if you, your friends or a family relation is an authentic person, worry no more. Just quietly look at their sense of humor. Do they laugh all the time?? Do they make you laugh even when you didn’t plan to? Do they have this joy that they invoke where ever they are? If that’s the case then they are authentic people.

4. They Consider others’ welfare

This is another trait which is common to authentic people. They consider the welfare of other as much as they do for themselves. They ensure that they do to others what they will love to be done for them. They most often get to know people deeply so that they can know how to contribute to their lives. Authentic people are selfless when it comes to their relationships. They are always cautious to not do what will hurt the other party. They stay with the boundaries so that you don’t get hurt emotionally physically or even psychologically. If you have someone in your life who cares much about your welfare then there is a high possibility that he/she is an authentic person.

5. They Freely express their feelings and emotions

Authentic people believe that emotions and feelings are best understood when communicated. For instance, if you anger an authentic person, there won’t be any instance where they bottle up the pain and begin to throw tantrums here and there. They will immediately tell you how what you did made them angry. They will tell you how they feel. You on your own part need to understand that what you did made them feel that way and you shouldn’t do it anymore. Authentic people trust a lot but when the trust is broken, its very hard to rebuild it as such you should always understand them as much as they try to understand with you.

6. They Open to new perspectives

If you meet someone who is very open to new perspectives, then there is a high probability for that person to be an authentic person. Authentic people are very humble and are always willing to learn new things which will help better their lives or those around them. Irrespective of who is teaching them, they are always willing to learn. You can easily identify such people wherever they go to because of this huge sense of humility they possess.

7. Authentic people are always happy with what they have. irrespective of how small or how much it is, they are alway happy for what they have

Authentic people

8. They Openly accept own mistakes and learn from them

Authentic people are also very open. They accept corrections when they make a mistake. When they do something, irrespective of how small or big it is, they are always looking for feedback and suggestions. When they are told of an error they committed or something which they didn’t do well, they are open and easily accept corrections. They have this huge sense of humility which fuels up the desire to grow in their hearts. If you find out that you easily accept corrections and suggestion about things you did, then you are very much likely an authentic person.

9. They humbly Listen to others and respect their point of view

10. They Understand what motivates them

Authentic people understand themselves and this gives them an upper hand. Due to the fact that they understand themselves, it makes it easy for them to understand what motivates them. Its is clear that when you have a huge sense of motivation, you have a more focused and productive life. I have come to realize that those who have this sense of motivation are able to beat the odds and challenges that come up to disturb them as they pursue their goals. This is the reason why authentic people appear to always be good at what they do because they what to do when challenges come up along the way.

11. They also always Have long-term plans. They envision the future and try to plan for it

12. They Help others to be authentic people

One valuable characteristic of truly authentic people is that they help others to also be authentic people. They go off their comfort zone and show others was in which they can use to become authentic people in life. The amazing thing is that they use their life to model this. They show others that living authentically is possible. They get to show you the benefits that it has. The best part of it is that they tell you what makes it challenging and show you ways you can use to overcome those challenges when they come up. I personally love this aspect of authentic people because it gives me hopes that at some point in time the degree of dishonest people we have around will greatly reduce.

13. Authentic people also hardly or never dwell on the past. They believe that the past is history and work towards a Better future

14. They Avoid negative people

Negative people are those set of people whose thoughts, speech and action are degrading and have no sense of growth in them. They are people who are only interested in pulling you down with what they say or what they do. They don’t have no sense of motivation in what they say. Considering the fact that truly authentic people are people who see the best, speak the best and do the best, such people can’t come close to them because they will be draining their energy and motivation. Wondering why most people run away from you, it may be simply because you have negative personality tendencies. This trait scares people away from you than to bring them close

15. One other interesting about truly authentic people is that Never angry of the success of others. They never get to the point where they envy of others.

16. They are Confident in everything they do

Authentic people are very confident in everything they do. They are the kind of people who walk with their head high. This is due to the fact that they learn much and are even open to receive corrections from others. Receiving corrections is something many people don’t do as such the authentic person becomes more confident in his ability the more he learns. Wondering how you can be an authentic person? If yes then you can start from here. Look at how you can build your confidence and start making it grow. When this happens, you will be able to incorporate the other aspects which make you an authentic person.

17. This another aspect which is so common with truly authentic people. They are not judges as such they Don’t judge others. They rather help them to be better in life

18. They Always talk ideas, not gossips

Authentic people hate gossips. They hate to mingle with things that do not bring progress to the life of someone either emotionally, psychologically or even physically. We all can attest to the fact that gossiping is bad and affects the reputation of the person being gossiped. If you want to talk about gossip to a truly authentic person, they will give you no ear but if you have ideas of growth or things that will eventually lead to growth, they will listen and even share ideas with you. This is something which is unique to them. In simple terms do you want to be a truly authentic person or you want to continue living an authentic life, then you have to stop listening to gossip and take constructive ideas from people that will in the long run sponsor growth.

19. Are you the kind of person that never seek permission from others to help them with something in their lives? If you are someone like that, then you are an authentic person

20. They Evaluate others’ advice before accepting or acting upon

It is only a fool who claims to know everything. I have discovered that if you listen to advice especially from those who are more experience than you irrespective of their age, you will be saving yourself from a lot of stress and failures. This is a secret authentic people have understood. They listen to advice from other and hear what they have to say about a particular step they want to make. When they have considered all the advice, they come up with a unique model which will eventually give them success. This saves them a lot of stress and puts them in a place where in almost everything they set out to do, it succeeds.

21. Authentic people have understood that there is something unique to each and every one of us, as such they don’t compare themselves with others. They are lovers of everyone and do all to ensure that everyone excels in their domain

22. They Accept and solve their problems

There is a quote that say that he who runs away from a fight, leaves to fight it another day. Allow me to add that when you finally come to fight the fight becomes harder and stronger. The authentic person understands this and solves their problem when they come up. When a problem concerning them shows up, they don’t run rather they accept it and start looking for way to solve it. I can tell from experience that when you do it this way, it becomes easy to deal with it. If the anger of the parties is high it is calmed immediately because the issue was immediately looked into. They do all they can to not harbour guilt

23. If you try to please everyone in this world, you will get to crash. Authentic people have understood that they can’t please everybody and by that they don’t try to please everybody. They do what gives them and those they love the fulfilment and joy they need.

24. Their motivation is rooted from within

Truly authentic people have a unique trait which sets them above others. The fact that their sense of motivation comes from within is the reason why they can be and do all they do. The truth is that when what drives your life is an external factor, there is a high tendency that when those things which keep you motivated are gone, you too immediately lose focus and motivation as well. Truly authentic people understood this and of course their motivation comes from within as such when they feel unmotivated, they look back with and boom they feel energized to continue what they were doing.

One thing I must say here is that we all need to learn this trait and start getting our motivation from within. At some point all we have around may be gone and our motivation will be gone as well but if your motivation comes from within, you will be able to stand tall after the strike.

25. They believe that everything is connected to each other . Despite our differences authentic people believe that we all are connected in someway and that makes them to honor and respect people and their environment.

26. They Make the best out of their time and situation

Truly authentic people also make the best use of their time. They don’t waste time on stuff which has no benefits to them. Whatever they get involved with, they put in their all to ensure that it works and produce results. They have understood that time is one of the commodities in life that when lost is hardly regained for. As such they ensure that every single and every single minute that they have in their hands is worthwhile. Even when authentic people want to waste time, we get to fine that they are doing stuff like watching a documentary or reading a book. Most people don’t like this aspect of authentic people. Especially those who have a high sense of fun

27. The love to see others achieve their goal is always predominant among these people. They are very supportive and that makes them to Support others to succeed in their goals.

28. They Respect others’ opinion and not hate them

In our world of today, we discover that everybody has their own opinion about almost every topic that you may ever want to think of. The fall side of this there are lots and lots of argument that this causes daily. We said earlier that authentic people know what they want and are open to learn new things. That is why when they get involved in arguments, they don’t just do it blindly. They do it in a manner that will end up in them learning something new. They also respect your opinion whenever they are trying to make a point which you seem to not want to understand.

29. These authentic people we have around are also the kind of people who See the bright side of every negative situation. They believe that it may not be working out now but there is a solution which with time they will unravel it.

30. Understand that they are unique

Truly authentic people brag about this particular trait. They often make others know that they know who they are. To some people it makes them angry but the main idea they are trying to pass across is that they know who they are and they are expressing their uniqueness by so doing. I personally love this trait about them. It speaks volumes because truly we all are unique in one way or another but we find that most people try to be someone else. The end point is the chaos that we have around us now.

31. Authentic people treasure their experience. They always capture some of these moment is styles that will make it hard for them to forget or loose track of.

32. Authentic people Value actions more than words. They believe the principle of action first before words.

33. This also a point which could not be kept out of the list. Authentic people Do not hide anything. They are very open and easy going as such when they find out that you too are a safe place they spill their heart open and dont hide anything


Because of these characteristics, authentic people are able to function and live their lives to the fullest. As a result, they don’t strive to find a meaning of their existence. Instead, they clearly see why they were born. It is important you note that you might not have all these characteristics but if you have more than ten on this list then you are a very authentic person.


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  2. Tosam Solange

    woow amazing piece here. this is beautiful and so encouraging.
    point 9 is deep and lately i face the challenge where i feel like people around doesn’t listen to my point or seem to make me feel like it counts but good thing i make sure i let anyone know every ones opinion counts.

    with point 12, its so amazing and good thing being authentic and helping others to me like u…
    thank u sir

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